Kayfun [lite] Special Edition by SvoëMesto

Dhs. 450.00

High Noon
Nite DLC
  • Product Description

      Kayfun [lite] Special Edition

      In 2013 the Kayfun [lite] first saw the light of day. Now it’s back, better than ever and in two different sizes.

      The Kayfun [lite] is the entry level atomizer of the series, that boils down all relevant ingredients of a Kayfun into the most compact Kayfun format yet.

      • Premium Quality „Made in Germany“.
      • Outstanding flavor
      • Easy handling

      At 33mm height the Kayfun [lite] is among the smallest rebuildable tank atomizers in the world. But there is more to this little guy, than you’d think at first glance.

      Finish of Special Edition:


      Processed and coated surfaces are sensitive to scratches and therefore not included in the warranty. Handle with care.

      The blasted versions can have different brightness levels depending on the light irradiation.

      Therefore, the brightness of the product may differ from the product image shown here.

      • High noon - brushed and gold coated
      • Moonlight - glass bead blasted
      • NITE DLC - coated with DLC

      Build deck and evaporation chamber

      The build deck and evaporation chamber of the Kayfun [lite] are close relatives to its ancestor, but equipped with modern features, that make installing your typical mouth-to-lung builds even easier.

      The build is accessible at all times, even when the tank is filled.

      Fill it in 3 easy steps.

      To fill it you simply flip the atomizer upside down and unscrew the tank, which can then be filled through the liquid channels. A ledge at the atomizer base prevents any liquid from your build from escaping. Once your tank is filled, just screw it back on and you’re ready to go.

      Airflow Control – set it and forget it

      The airflow control is hidden within the 510 connector and can be adjusted comfortably from 0-1.8mm airflow.


      • Stainless steel driptip (engraved)
      • 3-step filling
      • PEI window [fire] 
      • PEEK insulator
      • External airflow control (stageless)
      • 316L stainless steel
      • 510 connector
      • Online product authentication
      • Easy handling and maintenance
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