Coil Master - Elbow Ceramic Tweezers

Dhs. 35.00

  • Product Description

      The Coil Master Elbow Ceramic Tweezers is the latest creation from Coil Master, developing an angled ceramic tweezers for a sturdy and precise tool.

      The bent design allows for a more fine-tune adjustment of coil settings while retaining the strength for larger wire gauges. The integration of ceramic material allows for a non-conductive and high heat resistance operation.

      Compact in size with incredible functionality and handling, the Coil Master Elbow Ceramic Tweezers is an essential tool for every builder.

      Coil Master Elbow Ceramic Tweezer Features:

      • Durable Stainless Steel Base
      • Precision Point Tweezer - Angled Design
      • Non-Conductive Ceramic Material
      • Heat Resistant up to 1600℃
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